Bike Wheel Lights

Because you'll never have to hear, "Sorry mate, I didn't see you!", again.

Notice being noticed.

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VeloHalo® Bike Wheel Lights

No more: "Sorry, mate, I didn't see you there!"


Cycle safety is all about being noticed.

Standard bike lights lack side-visibility. Shouldn't the most vulnerable road users also be the most visible?


After suffering a near-fatal night-time cycling accident on the streets of Islington, London, HikariBike creator Jack Merlin Bruce became fed up with our busy streets, rude drivers, and the dreaded 'close pass'. On this dark night, VeloHalo® bike wheel lights were born.


Be super noticeable,

from all  angles.

VeloHalo bike wheel lights make urban cyclists the most visible, unmistakably recognised road users.


Trying out VeloHalo for the very first time with his confidence restored, Jack experienced something quite amazing: Not only were London drivers' giving him more room from all directions, they gave way faster and gave way with a smile. Even the cabbies. No more, "Sorry, mate, I didn't see you there!".


Cycle safety is one of those perennial London issues... but VeloHalo takes visibility one step further.


How does VeloHalo work?



1) Unwind LED cable
VeloHalo is a 2.7m ultra-bright LED cable encased in a weatherproof vinyl coating.


2) Secure to spokes
The LED cable secures to the end of every other spoke along the inner rim of your wheel - virtually invisible during daytime.


3) Secure to wheel hub
The super-lightweight battery unit fits snug to the hub of your wheel so it won't affect the way you ride.


4) Ride & recharge
Pop out the USB battery for a 2 hour charge in 15 minutes*

*Full charge 20 hour charge takes up to 3 hours.


At first I thought the LED cable would be too clunky and heavy on my bike - turns out I was wrong.


Kim, from London

Join over 1,000 happy cyclists.

Join over 1,000 happy cyclists.

Aren't they too dazzling?

74% of fatal cycling accidents occur in urban areas, and those at night are more likely to be fatal.*

Get lit, don't get hit. That's our motto. 

*Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents 


With standard bike lights you get noticed from the front and back only.


With VeloHalo® bike wheel lights you notice getting noticed, from all angles.


The more Jack cycled with VeloHalo, the more cyclists asked him where they could get a pair for themselves... and the glowing wheels spread from cyclist to cyclist. Perhaps, they'll spread to you too. Be on the lookout for amazed onlookers and complimentary shoutouts. But don't take our word for it... 



1 compliment in 10 nights or your money back

If you don't get at least 1 compliment in 10 nights of cycling through the dark, I'll personally hand your money back. No quibbles.

That's our Halo-effect Guarantee™


VeloHalo®  Front Wheel Light

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VeloHalo®  Front & Rear Lights

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Join over 1,000 happy cyclists.

Guaranteed pre-Christmas-Day Delivery

For all VeloHalo® Wheel Light orders placed on or before:

Sunday 17th December 2017


Halo-Effect™ Money Back Guarantee

1 compliment on your VeloHalo® in 10 nights of cycling or your money back. No quibbles.


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